The Most Beautiful Caladium Varieties

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#Caladium Plants are beautiful tropical perennials with heart-shaped foliage, often grown as ornamental foliage.

The leaves are membranous, thin and have a spectacular combination of colors from white to red, neon and green hue. 

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Features and Benefits of Organic Seaweed Extract - Seasol Foliar Spray• No mixing required. Easy spray action.• Promotes vigorous flowering and fruiting and healthy growth.• Enhances colour in flowers and foliage.• Helps plants cope with all kinds of stress, such as heat, drought and frost.• Gives plants better resistance to sucking insects and fungal attack.• Safe to use on all plants including natives at any time.• Neutralized odor for indoor use.Application: Every 1 to 2 weeks.Difference between Seasol and PowerFeedSeasol is made from two species of seaweed - Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum), Chile Bull Kelp (Durvillaea Antarctica) and Knotted Kelp (Aschophyllum nodosum).Seasol seaweed concentrate is a complete garden health treatment that contains plant nutrients, trace elements, alginic acid and other bioactive compounds. Seasol promotes healthy roots, encourages beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulates flowering and fruiting and helps plants to cope with stresses like heat, drought, pest and disease attack.PowerFeed is a Fertilizer. It is made from fish base which is fortified with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. (N 12%: P 1.4%: K 7%) respectively. Powerfeed also contains dynamic soil improvers in the form of humic acids.These compounds work at very low rates and are literally like adding liquid composts to the soil.PowerFeed is also a clay breaker. It stimulates beneficial soil microbial actively and markedly reduces leaching in sandy soils...

Caladium Hybrid
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Fact Sheet and Plant GuideScientific Name: Caladium HybridDescription:Caladium plants are beautiful tropical perennials with heart-shaped foliage, often grown as ornamental foliage. The leaves are membranous, thin and have a spectacular combination of colors from white to red, yellow, neon and green. Caladium plants have vibrant veining on their foliage with contrasting margins. Some caladium cultivars have splashes or speckles of contrasting color on its foliage.Pot dimensions:  Air Root Pruning Pot 3L - Ø19cm x H17cmAir Root Pruning Pot 5L - Ø23cm x H20cmOverall Plant Height:30cm - 40cm (Approx.) Included Air Root Building Pot 3L or 5LLight:Bright indirect sunlight, partial shadeWater:Check regularly and water as needed.Water thoroughly when the potting medium turns slightly dry to touch.The foliage tends to stand upright when receives enough water. As it gets thirsty, the leaves tend to show a droopy appearance.Fertilizer:Feed with diluted liquid fertilizer once a month to encourage growth.Trimming:Gently trim away dry, brown, or yellowish leaves by using a pair of secateurs.Trimming allows available nutrients in the soil to be transferred into the new leaves which encourage intentional growth.Also, trimming allows your plants to retain in a good shape and keep pests, fungal and diseases away.*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product. *Pot color and size may vary and change Subject to Availability...

Physan 20 Fungicide 473ml
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Physan20 ∙ Disinfectant ∙ Sanitizer ∙ Deodorizer ∙ Fungicide ∙ Algaecide ∙ Virucide (16oz ≈ 473ml) Concentrate• A broad-spectrum fungicide, that absorbed by plant cells, translocated, and circulated via the xylem vessels through the plant system.  • An effective fungicide, virucide and algaecide to control and eliminate a wide varieties of pathogens and microorganisms. • Used for orchids, fountains and ornamentals plants.• Spray on seedlings, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns to eradicate algae, mildew. • Controls the growth of algae on water fountains, pools, non-fish ponds (toxic to fish) and birdbaths. • Used as a general disinfectant for gardening tools, benches, planter trays, contaminated pots and soil.• Used to treat orchid pathogen.• Biodegradable Active Ingredients:  % n-alkyl (60% C14, 30% C16, 5% C12, 5% C18) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 10% 2-alkyl (68% C12, 32% C14) dimethyl ethybenzyl ammonium chloride 10% Inert ingredient 80% **Each bottle comes with a Plant-Specific Applications BookletExamples of usage:1/2 half a teaspoon of Physan20 diluted to 1 litre water during maintenance / prevention. (every 2 weeks once)One teaspoon of Physan20 diluted to 1.5 litre water for treatment.WORK AREAS, BENCHES, TRAYSSpray or swab working surfaces before each work period, and again after each plant is completed to kill such diseases as Botrytis, Crown Rot, Downy Mildew, Root Rot, etc.Use: 1 tablespoon PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water. POTS AND FLATSUsed pots or flats should be brushed or washed first, then soaked in PHYSAN 20 solution for 10 minutes before using to kill such diseases as Crown Rot, Mildew, Root Rot and Rusts. Do not rinse.Use: 1 tablespoon PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water.CUTTING TOOLSSoak cutting edge of tool for 10 minutes in PHYSAN 20 solution before use to kill such diseases as Botrytis, Root Rot, Stem Rot, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) Use wet tool on plants. At the end of work, dry and oil tools.Use: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN 20 per quart of water.SMOKERSCigarette smokers have tobacco mosaic virus on their hands. Dip hands in solution before handling plants or anything connected with the plants. It is a good idea to have a container of PHYSAN 20 solution always available as a hand dip. Allow to air dry.Use: 1 Tablespoon PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water.SEEDLINGSFrom flask: soak seedlings 2-5 minutes before potting to remove agar. Soak compost with PHYSAN 20 solution. Helps eliminate damp-off. Keep hands and tools damp with PHYSAN 20 solution. Damp-off: Spray seedlings once per month as preventative maintenance. Spray anytime disease is evident.Use: 1-1/2 tsp. PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water.ORCHIDS - DIVIDING PLANTSRemove compost from plant, then soak plant for 2-5 minutes in PHYSAN 20 solution. Operate with wet hands and cutting tools. After division and root trim, soak divisions in PHYSAN 20 solution for 2-5 minutes. Pot in compost dampened with PHYSAN 20 solution.USE: 1 Tablespoon PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water.ALGAEGreenhouse Glass: Spray or swab surfaces with PHYSAN 20 solution. Let stand for one hour or more or until the algae visibly begins to change to a lighter color. Wash off dead algae with water. Spray clean surfaces again with PHYSAN 20 solution.Use: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN per gallon of water.WALKWAYSFor heavy algae infestation, spray or swab with PHYSAN 20 solution. Let stand for an hour or more. Brush and wash away the dead algae. Soak area again with PHYSAN 20 solution. Do not rinse. This product will inhibit the growth of algae on walkways. Allow to dry on surface, and repeat application if algae growth returns.Use: 1 Tablespoon PHYSAN per gallon of water.CUT FLOWERSFor containers, tubes and decorative vases. Recommend flower spikes be hardened in PHYSAN 20 treated water during harvesting, storage and shipping.USE: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN per 2 gallons of water.ORCHIDS - CROWN ROT (Phalaenopsis)*Spray plants weekly to assure solution getting around and in base of leaves.USE: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN 20 per gallon of water.RECIRCULATING OVERHEAD WATERING SYSTEMSDuring the last 2-3 minutes of watering, use PHYSAN 20 solution as a preventative program. Due to variations in growing conditions, use PHYSAN 20 every second to fourth watering. Will control algae in nozzles.USE: 1 ounce PHYSAN to 20 gallons of water...