A Guide To Watering Houseplants

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Overwatering is the most common way to kill indoor plants. 

Have you ever wondered how to tell if the soil is dry? When to water the plants? 

This video will share some watering techniques and tricks to help make sure your plants thrive well and flourish in our garden city. 

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Hedera English Ivy Hanging New
Hedera English Ivy Hanging
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Fact Sheet and Plant Guide Scientific Name:  Hedera helix Description: Hedera English Ivy is an easy-to-grow, perennial vine with beautiful foliage. The leaves are pear-shaped, dark green to light green, waxy, hairless, 3-5-lobed and may grow up to 10cm long. The leaf margins are entire. The upper surface of each leaf is darker than the lower. Leaves are arranged alternately along the stems. English ivy can be trained to grow vertically in a pot with a stake or other vertical support pole for climbing, or in hanging baskets where it can cascade downward. English Ivy grows best when they have plenty of moisture, but they tolerate to dry conditions once established. Pot dimension:   Ø15cm x H11cm Overall Plant Height: 18-28cm (Approx.) Included grower pot Light: Bright, filtered light, partial sun. Water: Water thoroughly when the soil is dry to touch. Ensure the plant has excellent drainage as the roots do not like standing water or overly wet soil. Fertilizer: Feed with diluted foliage fertilizer once or twice a month to provide essential nutrients for plant growth. Trimming: Gently trim away dry, brown, or yellowish bracts or leaves by using a pair of secateurs. Trimming allows available nutrients in the soil to be transferred into the new leaves which encourage intentional growth. *Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product. *Pot color and size may vary and change Subject to Availability...

(2Pcs SET) Self-Watering Device Pottery Tube L11.0cm
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Package Content:2 x Plant Watering Device per SetPackage Content:2 x Plant Watering Device..

Pumice Stone Great for Succulents and Cacti 5L by O Green Living
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Pumice Stone Great for Succulents and Cacti 5L by O Green Living Benefits• Great for succulents and cacti• Prevents root rot• Does not attract fungi or insects • Improve soil’s structureSize: 5-10mm..

BABA BI-202 Small Shallow Pot (163mmØ x 85mmH)
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·         100% Biodegradable·         Elegant design ·         Suitable for cactus and succulents collection, small potted plants decoration etc·         Can be used to germinate seeds Dimension: 163mmØ x 85mmH Colour :  White Marble, CottaOptional items : 921 Saucer..

Organic Potting Soil by O' Green Living Organic Potting Soil by O' Green Living New
Organic Potting Soil by O' Green Living
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Organic Potting Soil by O' Green LivingPotting Soil by O' Green Living is a planting medium consists of organic compost and soil.Also known as Black Soil or Compost Soil, it is formulated with a rich blend of OGL Organic Compost and soil to balance between absorbing and draining water, therefore building a strengthened foundation for your plants.Ideal for new pots and beds, or improving existing soil.✔️ Balances between water retention and drainage.✔️ Builds a strengthened foundation for plants.✔️ Rich in nutrients due to the addition of compost, resulting in better resilience to diseases...

Watering Can Long Spout 1.8L
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Long Spout Watering Can 1.8L• Come with a detachable shower nozzle. You may choose between a gentle shower or a pointed spout.• Long spout watering can is very suitable for hard-to-reach areas. It can accurately apply water directly into the soil without splashing and wasting.• Made of high-quality Plastics, the thick wall of the watering can is anti-compression, not easy to age or break.• Water storage capacity of 1.8L • Great for both indoor and outdoor plants.Dimension: 38.0cmL x 13.0cmW x 22.5cmH..

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