LIKE Monokit Hanging Planter Set

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With water reserve at the base and water stopper.

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Product Code: DEROMA-040

LIKE Monokit Hanging Planter Set by Deroma Italy


Injection Plastic hanging planter complete with compatible metal hook.

Come with a water reserve and a water stopper at the base.

Simply remove the water stopper to discard excess water whenever necessary.

Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use.

Used as a Hanging basket for herbs, ornamental plants, cascading trailing plants etc.

Round Hook dimension = 7.0cm (approx.) 

Can fit up to 3 pots of herbs or ornamental plants with a pot dimension of Ø15cm

Dimension: L49.0cm X W17.0cm X H17.5cm

Base dimension:  L41.5cm


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