Poinsettia - Christmas Flower 圣诞红

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Royal Red Poinsettia: The Perfect Christmas houseplant.

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Poinsettias are scientifically named as Euphorbia pulcherrima, literally, "the most beautiful Euphorbia" in Plant Taxanomy.

Also known as Christmas flower, Poinsettia is a shrub which has erect, succulent stems and large, flaming red leaves or bracts, which look like flamboyant flowers.

The flowers are grouped within small, yellow structures found in the center of each leaf bunch, called cyathia.

Poinsettias are very easy to care for. Avoid placing the plants near to cold drafts or excessive heat.

When watering the plants, it is important to allow the plant to drain out any excess water.

Splendid red poinsettia is a great gift for your friends and family, and a lovely addition to your home decor.

Fact sheet

Scientific Name: 

Euphorbia pulcherrima

Pot dimensions:  

Ø15cm x H11cm

Plant height

30-50cm (Approx.)


Bright to indirect sunlight.


Water thoroughly when the top of the soil becomes dry. Allow the water to drain through the soil when watering, and then discard any excess water.


Don’t fertilize your plants when they are in bloom. Only fertilize your plants after the blooming season with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product. 

*Plant come with a plastic grower pot. Terracotta Pot sold separately.


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