Phalaenopsis Orchid (Single Stalk) - Mini

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Single Stalk Orchid comes with a transparent holder. Orchids and Pot sold separately.

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Phalaenopsis is also known as moth orchids and is an indoor plant which is available all year round.

Widely cultivated as houseplants, and known for their ease of maintenance, delicate, and brightly colored flowers.

Phalaenopsis are easily keep in house or office and stay in bloom for a very long time.

They do not require much sunlight and only water once a week.

The blooms are some of the longest lasting of any flowering plant.

 Fact sheet

Scientific Name: 

Phalaenopsis spp. 

Transparent holder  dimensions:  

Ø12cm x H11cm

Plant height

50-60cm (Approx.) Single Stalk


Bright to shade indoor area, prevent direct sunlight.                                               


Only water when the medium (sphagnum moss) is dry to touch, avoid overwatering. The roots need to be kept moist, so the potting medium shouldn't be allowed to dry out; but they shouldn't sit in water, as they are prone to rot. (Normally Water once a week)


Feed with liquid fertilizer or orchid hormones after all the bloom faded.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product.

*Pot sold separately. 


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