Hoya Kerrii Variegated Sweetheart (Hanging)

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Hoya Kerrii Variegated is a slow-growing, semi-succulents plant that prefer bright light to semi-shade.

Hoya Kerrii Variegated has bright green foliage with creamy-yellow to white margins and emerge on vining stems that can grow up to 3-4m long.

Produce flowers few time a year, flowers are small, star-shaped and creamy-white with pink to purple centers. Flowers are produced in clusters along the stems.

Hoya are suitable for beginner gardener as it require minimum care. 
Grow as hanging basket or simply in a container/pot.

Fact sheet

Scientific Name: 

Hoya kerrii 'Variegata'

Pot dimensions:  

Ø10.0cm x H10.0cm (approx..)

Plant height

10-25cm (Approx.) Cascading


Bright light or partial sun


Water throughout when the soil turn slightly dry.

Wait until the soil has dried out a little and then water again.


Feed with diluted liquid fertilizer once a month.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product.

*Pot color and size may vary and change Subject to Availability.


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